Guitarsite Forums Discussion Popular Topics headstock decals decal I need a Fender Stratocaster logo for a rebuilt strat: Price as well please. Thanx


: When I refin I don’t bother with decals, they look cheap… if I feel like it I might inlay, and with fenders I never use stock necks anyways so why would I put a fender decal on a neck that is better than their’s ?? pretty stupid… duhhh, the way I see it they should pay me to put their name on my guitar, but then again some people can’t see past a name on a headstock… but hey if that improves your tone why not put 10 of em on. : : : Because it’s time to refinish your guitar… duh! : : : Why would I need a decal ? all my guitars came with one… weird post! : : : : : : : I have the headstock decals every one needs. Strat, tele p&j bass, Jackson, charvel, gibson, kramer, ESP. : : : : E-mail for a scan