Judging by this forum Reynaldo has been at it for quite some time and he’s now become somewhat old fashioned! He asked me for a DVD of a film that can already be downloaded illegally quite easily – so what’s the idea? Where’s the scam?

Is it only the first step in a larger scam? Does he stay in contact with you, with more flattery, then ask for small donations? Getting one free DVD can’t be the end of it, can it?

Would be curious to know if anyone heard back from them after sending material.

Here’s what I got:

I am professor of Film Studies at local school
of cinema.

I would like to know if you can send as donation
(using the postal service) this DVD–Film: XXX

The DVD will be watched by students in order to study
about the Film-Directing by XXX.

If you wish to help, the postal address is:

Docente, Reynaldo Sanchez R.
Apartado Postal 90 / Calle 5 de julio, n. 2–22.
Municipio Barinas. Parokia Barinas 5201.
Estado Barinas. Republica de Venezuela.
(South America)