You can’t do 4 ohms with 4 eight ohm speakers. You can do 16, 8, or 2. Basically what you want to do for eight ohms is wire two sets of 2 speakers in series, then wire each set parallel. To do this take your top set of speakers and wire the positive connector of one to the negative connector of the other. Then take the remaining pos and neg connectors and wire them to the jack. Do the same with the bottom set. At the jack you will end up with two sets of positive wire connected to the the tip contact and two sets of negative wires connected to the base contact of the jack. To do 16 ohms wire all positives from all 4 speackers to the tip connector and all 4 negatives to the base connector of the jack. For 2 ohms (not recommended uless you know your amplifier very well) You will wire all speakers in series (pos to neg). Hope this helps.