Hey Kyle, are you just starting out on guitar? If so, my personal preference is that beginners start out on acoustic. It’ll tuffin your fingers more and you don’t have to worry much about eq setting or anything. If you’re a beginner some brands you should look at are Ibanez, Fender, Takamine, epiphone, and if your budge lets you: the 110 Taylor or Martin x series. Brand is not important. It is what kind of sound you are looking for and how a guitar personally feels to you. Taylors and Martins are expensive guitars but they are both different in tone. Martins have thick bass and Taylors and bright Trebles. you are going to have to go to your local guitar store and try themout yourself to see which tone you’d like. for guitars under 200 dollars I’d reccomend you try some epiphones and yamahas. If you would like to spend 500 check out the 110 taylor and martins x series.