Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – January, 2005 Re: Adding a third pcikup to Gibson SG Standard


if you have the larger batwing type of pick guard you need to replace it with a batwing 3 pickup pickguard, i have seen them about, i think it was on the project guitar website, you can get a link there to custom made pickguards, the problem is the original 3 pickup SG was a Custom SG, and had the smaller type 61 reissue type stratchplate execpt it was obviously a smaller one to make way for the 3rd pickup, from my knowledge of SG’s there was never a ‘Batwing’ 3 pickup model. So at least you will have something original, but you need a batwing 3 pickup scratchplate, you will need to route out under the strachplate to make way for the pickup, when you take off the batwing it will be obvious what you have to do, wiring is an easy affair, i take it you want to wire it into the original 3-way toggle switch? so that each pickup plays on its own? there are lots of websites that can show you this should you get that far., i have an SG standard and its not something ive pondered on, ive always found the 2 pickups more than adequate, and the tonal range between the sitching spot on, but i wouldnt mind a maestro lyre tailpeice though, the angus young / paul weller type. Good luck with your quest.