: I must say that I was very disappointed of the chat feature on your page.I would’ve thought that practicing musicians would at the least have some intelligence.I only hope that illiterate people who want to hang on to "thug" life and "eubonics" will find it in themselves to deepthroat a .45magnum so that they will not re-produce lil’ "thug" dumb-asses!! : And I mean this from the bottom of my heart.I would’ve expected more from this site.Feel free to reply,please.And by the way..what are the ages of the people that run this site?("CUZ’" the chat room I wound up in seemed to contain nothing more than lil’ dumb-asses———–pardon me,but I speak the truth. : (All I wanted was to talk to fellow musician’s,and ask advice).Sorry,but your chat sux ass. : Very Sincerely, : MeTTallicAt4life Well, now that you’ve shown yourself to be both a racist and a eugenicist in the same sentence, you can still talk to your fellow musicians. Just don’t talk to the ones who fuck yo’mamma or the ones who pull in eh green koz they too lean and rap in a snap with you in dey lap.