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: Are Dillion guitars good? Are they really as good as Gibsons but with lower price? I have several guitars. Among them are 1 Gibson L.P Standard 1980, a Gibson L.P Special II 2000 a 10 year old great sounding Tokai L.P Pro & a Dillion DP650. To make a long-story short the Dillion guitar is the smoothest sounding of any of these instruments stock! I am not saying it has the most complex or even the tighest sound, but the configuration from Dillion is easier on the guitar player. Please read the reviews from & you will see that people like Tracii Guns(founder of G-N-R & L.A Guns)& many others in the industry like these instruments alot. Remeber I am not talking about indorsed on-stage instruments, I am talking about instruments professionals like to play with.