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: I have recently purchased a 1960’s semi acoustic guitar with the name ‘Audition’ on the headstock. Is anyone able to tell me more about the company etc. I thought that i had read somewhere that ‘Audition’ was one of the names used by Harmony guitars? : : The guitar body is small and approx one an half inches thick (thinner than a 335) and completely hollow with no strengthening section under the bridge and pick-ups (like a 335). The body is sunburst and fitted with two single coil pick-ups, very much like the type on 60’s Framus guitars, with an adjustable bridge and Bigsby style tremelo unit. : The only identifiaction on the guitar is the ‘Audition’ sticker on the headstock and a serial number of 7003 on the neck plate. : Any information would be gratefully received. Audition guitars were Japanese-made and the "house" brand for Woolworth/Woolco stores. I had a solid body electric with an Audition amp. The "set" came at a very low cost. The guitar had high action and was impossible to play. The amp was better but not powerful–I used it for many years because it distorted at low volume. These things occassionally come up on Ebay and don’t fetch much. Wolf :