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: At least get a guitar with 21 frets to start out with. Although, 22 would be a better bet. Thirteen frets will totally suck when your trying to learn and play octaves. : Here are some good,albeit cheap guitars. In other words, ones that you will have to "upgrade" later on, but will give you what you need now without going broke. : Fender Stratocaster….. ( Mex or US made) : Jackson…. ( one of the low budget/assembled in India) : Ibanez….. just about any model will work : By the Way…… Try to spend at least $400.00 on your guitar.( Mexican made Strats go for $350.00/ India made Jacksons go for about the same) Anything less than $350.00 WILL SUCK!! Unless you can get a good deal on something used. : Also, try and buy from a music store nearby, that way if you need help with something, they’ll be there to fix/ adjust, whatever. Go mail order if you know someone who lives close if you need help. Ex. You might want to lower the action and may not know how. : Some of this info might sound obvious, just keep it in consideration. : Twitch…. The local shred fanatic! hi m sunny & i would like to join you [email protected] please mail me