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Lots of questions………start from the beginning. Yes, you need the B-16. No, there isn’t a rolling nut made for a Tele. Fender somewhat solved the nut problem by using the LSR roller nut, but those are no longer made, and were never made for Teles. Your best bet is to use a graphite nut, and make sure it’s one designed for 10 gauge strings. If the slots are too narrow, then the strings will "bind" a bit, and pull the guitar out of tune when you use the Bigsby. Filing a standard nut out will work fine as well, but unless you’re VERY accurate, you’ll throw the intonation off. Locking tuners are nice, and certainly wouldn’t hurt, but I don’t think they’re necessary. Schallers are good, as are Sperzels. The bridge isn’t necessary, but the tune-o-matic would add a bit of depth to the tone. It’ll make the geetar a bit ugly, though, as you’ll have the exposed bridge pickup with the extra holes for the original "ashtray" bridge plate exposed. I’d leave the bridge for now, but maybe switch to graphite saddles instead, again, designed for .10 strings.