Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – March, 2002 Re: Circular picking ( with the index and thumb )


Its amazing how much you can miss right under your nose!! You can go off on a topic as if its never been discussed on earth and not even know 70% of the posts in the same message board have been on that topic for 10 years! I found what I wanted to know on alot of message boards – it might be a good technique – Im gonna get an instruction video by a guy that plays that way and see what I think of his playing. I also found by accident – it seems nice to set your hand down naturally and keep your fingers where they are while your playing if you anchor. Ive always stuck them out straight ( in an unatural position ) when I anchor fingers. But I anchor 2 fingers – I dont know what that would be like with 3 fingers – I have small hands and I feel funny with 3 fingers on the guitar.