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: I was just curious, I bought this amp new about 10 years ago, and never knew much about it. It is a Crate G120CXL with 2 12" Custom Design speakers, stereo outs/ins and balanced ins. It has a gold plate on it that says 751/1000. I have seen others and the gold plates all have different numbers, such as 250/1000. : Were these a numbered limited production run? The colors on the amp are different from the ones of that time frame. : Any further information is appreciated. I also own a crate g120cxl 990 limited edition 77/1000. I bought this amp when I was 15 years old and have had it ever since. The amp was basically the same as the red colored design g120xl. Crate added that cooky new chorus to the thing and gave it some sweet extra features like the balanced ins and the effects loop. I have been searching online for more info about this amp also. The last number stands for 77 out of 1000 produced. Feel free to email me at the above address