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Hi Björn, I am owning a Daion "the ’82" – 6 string. I bought it in 1989 from a local dealer. Since that time the guitar has not left my house and thus the condition is excellent. There are only two little scratches above the soundhole 3mm x 0.5mm in the gloss finish of the top, in addition there is still a hole (1cm diameter) in the lower side where an outlet of a transducer was installed (a blind plug can be used to cover it). All parts are original. Playing and sound is also excellent. I am not sure whether I should sell, but if you want you can get into contact with me via my email. Have a good time. David : Im looking for adaion 82 Jumbo in good conditon : please mail me If you have one for sale. : even 12 string : björn