Thanks for the reply Lee. As far as I know, the serial number was the usual type on Gibsons, just that the guy doing the sanding, er, over-sanded it! You can still make out a couple of numbers very faintly if you look at it in the right light. Yeah, the pick-ups were changed, again before my time with it, and I seem to recall something about the machine heads possibly being changed, though the current ones are "Gibson Deluxe". This subject isn’t really one I know much (at all!) about… I just love the sound that comes out the damn thing!! When I took it to get valued when I was buying it, the shop thought it was stolen due to the serial # being removed, but the guy I bought it off is totally trustworthy, so the sanding story stands! It’s one of these things I’ve always wanted to know, purely out of curiosity. I wonder what sorta history it had before I got my grubby hands on it. Thanks again for the reply… both guitar and hat are doing well! cheers, Dave : OK heres my guess,`75-`77 , in those years gibson used a transfer serial number, and if you sanded off the paint then the serial number would come off too, before and after those dates the numbers were impressed on the back of the headstock, also it looks like a 75-77 model, my friend has one (with transfer No) and the bridge is exactly like yours, large square tuneomatic, your pickups dont look original, and are they schaller machine heads too? i think his had those, still a top notch guitar, damn good hat too. : Lee