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I just bought a 5102te and I’ve been doing some looking. Nothing concrete, but I have a theory lol. People at Gibson say it was made in Japan and people on a couple different sites and discussion groups say the same thing, but any documentation I’ve seen refers only to the 5102t never the te. The 5102t was made in Japan in 70 into early 72 or late 71. Several companies made a version of this Aria model called the 5102t. I’ve never held a 5102t Epiphone, but I would bet it probably doesn’t say "union made Kalamazoo, Michigan" I would expect to see something like "Made in Japan" as was on so many things in the 70s. Sure it has a bolt on neck, but it’s a carefully crafted quarter sawn neck with the grain running just how it should and straight. I think they produced the te in Kalamazoo for a brief time during the transition after they sold out. e for epiphone 🙂 Many 5102t, only 1 5102te. It may not be recognized by "experts" and collectors as a US made Epi, but I think it is. That’s prolly why I got it for $138.25 on ebay. How could anyone not want to pay more than that for this sweet thing? I don’t get it. I was ready to go to about 400 and I didn’t even think I’d get it for that. (in conclusion <applause>)If anybody has some kind of documentation that says the TE was made in Japan, but says Union Made – Kalamazoo, Michigan on the inside label anyway, I wanna see it. Likewise, any documentation or knowledge to back my theory would be welcome too. Thanks