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I have the same guitar, FT-550, based in Michigan, Made in Japan, amazing tone and great sound…I too have had a difficult time trying to track down information about it’s value, price, etc. I can’t find the serial number. I have found out, though, that mine was made with Brazilian Rosewood, apparently at a time before Gibson bought out Epiphone. If anyone finds out something, please email me and I’ll do the same. I bought the guitar in Colorado, U.S.A., now based in Osaka, Japan. : : : : I have the above guitar – Setial No: 1242764 with the production label Kalamazoo, Michigan, Made in Japan. : : : : I’m looking for a site to find out how to value it with a possible view to sale, although it’s an absolute beauty. Can anyone help me. I’m based in London, England. Many thanks : : : : : : I have one too ,I am not sure of value but mine is a very fine guitar I would say closer to 800.00. depending on inlays, condition etc. Let me know if you find out true value. : I hve this same guitar but its not made in japan. I can’t any info on it anywhere. I love my guitar though, I think its the best sounding guitar I have ever played. If you find out anything I would like to know. Also if you give me your email address tthen I will email you if I find anything