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: : Hi, : : It would be much easier if you posted the serial number then I/we could look at it and provide info for you; however, here are some general guidelines: : : From ’58-’69 hollow body guitars had the serial number on a label inside the guitar, prefexed by the letter "A" plus four digits for the first four years (57 to 60). : : Beginning in 1960 the number was pressed into the back of the headstock. : : Between 1970 and 1983 the Epiphone was manufactured in Japan and the serial numbers became unreliable for dating purposes. Gibson labels were Orange and imported labels were Blue. : : During the 80’s production began in Korea and again serial numbers become unreliable. : : In 1993 the numbers became more reliable, for example: A3 would be 1993 as would A93. : : During the 90’s "SOME" Ephiphones were produced in America by Gibson and they follow Gibson serial number identification rules, for example: YDDDYNNN The first and fifth number is the year of manufacture; the second, third, and fourth would be the day of the year and the last three would be that number guitar of the day. 90023514; this guitar was built on Jan 2 (second day of the year)of 1993 at the Nashville plant (5)and it was the 14 guitar built for that day. : : There is more to it than this but again, if you post as much info as you have I’m sure we can date and price the guitar. Post the serial number and model number/name and we can better help you. : : JOE i have been givin a epiphone. i would like to know the style and year. epiphone6732-no.99781