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hi The allen wrench isnt to tighten the neck "if it comes loose", its what is usually used on guitar necks to adjust the truss rod inside the neck. you always want a guitar to have an adjustable truss rod inside the neck, so that you can adjust it back when the neck wood warps, or you change string gauges, to adjust the action/intonation a bit. i have never seen one of those Esteban gutars, but they seem like they probably are not bad, and they do have a solid spruce top, which is usually only found on costly accoustic guitars. Its not worth only 20 dollars, i can guarantee you that. what a guitar is "worth" doesnt mean anything unless you plan on selling it anyway. Labor in china, japan, korea, and mexico is alot cheaper than here, that’s part of why so many things are made there. this is also why so many guitar companies have guitars made there. Fender’s squire guitars were made in korea, now made in mexico i think.. some of their better accosutics are made in korea, too, i think. Gibson is still in usa, but alot of epiphones are also made overseas. lot of good guitars, and soem bad ones too, are made in other countries. Yamahas are made in japan, and theyve been making decent electric and accoustic guitars for years. its just a guess, but the G240 is probably not made anymore, they probably have soemthing similar tho, just with a different number. its hard to keep track of all the model numbers without a book. the bottom line on any guitar’s worth is, if the player who owns it likes it or not. If you want to resell it sometime, t would depend on the attitude of the buyer at the time you sell it. Some guitar brands that used to be labelled "junk" are now worth alot of money. Hard to say what your guitar would be worth in the future. –dan : I bought one of the guitars Esteban has been touting lately. Steel strings, made in China. Cost $99 plus shipping. Guitar sounds good for being so cheap. Only thing is it comes with an Allen wrench to tighten it up if the neck gets loose. Someone said music shop says was worth $20. I figure labor is cheap in China and couldn’t find another guitar like it for the price here. : Also have Yamaha G240 accoustic which I bought back in 1979. Still in great shape. do they still make it?