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: :I to ordered a guitar from HSN for my son as a gift. Unfortunately it was a gift and wasn’t given until after 30 days of purchase. The neck of the guitar is warped and the high notes cannot be played at all. HSN refuses to stand behind the product because of the 30 day limit. Buyers Beware!!!! HSN does not stand behind what it sells. : over the past two years i have purchased two of Esteban’s guitars and truly felt they were of high quality; however, today i was told by three music stores in this area that they aren’t worth more than $20.00 each. This really upset me as I have dealt with HSN for l5 years and trust what they present. I cant understand how this beautiful instrument could be downgraded to such a level. Please let me hear your comments as I am confused how this could be misrepresented. Thank you, I am sorry to hear of your trouble with this instrument. I don’t know why HSN does now back their merchancise. Anyway back to the guitar. This warping of the neck can be solved if there is an adjustable truss rod inside of the neck. I have bass guitars from $1000 to $3000 that have had neck movement which caused the intonation from the 12th fret on up to be off. This movement in the neck I have experienced over the years was so little you might not even see it with your eyes. Anyway to make a long story short, take the guitar to someone who repairs guitars. Sometimes times some music stores will have someone who does this. I prefer to take mine to a dedicated luthier (someone who does this as their profession) and see if they can help you. Its hard to say what caused the neck warpage as many factors can cause this. Good Luck!