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: I recently acquired a 1965 Duo-Sonic II, and I want to replace the neck – it currently has the 3/4 scale neck, but I’m told I can put a standard scale length neck on. Is this true? Not without moving the bridge. If you put the bigger neck in, you change the scale length and you’ll have to move the bridge to get proper intonation. Plus, I’m not too familiar with the neck pocket on the Duo-Sonic, but I imagine it’s narrower that a standard neck. I personally wouldn’t "f" with it, because you’ll destroy the value of the guitar, which would be a shame (I have small hands so I like the Duo-Sonics). Just try to unload the Duo-Sonic at close to what you paid for it and go get a Strat – or if you like the vintage guitar thing – you should be able to pick up a Mustang or Jaguar on the cheap.