: HEY!! My daughter is DYING for one of these! I can’t affortd the $500 they want for one….Still have it for sale?? Email me at [email protected] Thanks!! : : : Cheryl…Whoa! A real Fender re-issue will cost you but someone mentioned that Fenders Squire Series may be coming out with one soon. : i never thought that i would even dream of parting with this beauty, but due to my ex-wife and the IRS : i guess i don’t have a choice. my pink paisley strat was made in 85-86 and is in MINT condition. in fact, my uncle mike rabon had a band in the late 60’s called the Five Americans. they had one top 5 hit "Western Union" which was in the soundtrack of "Vanilla Sky" along with 2-3 other top 50 tunes. in any event, the band members are doing a reunion gig on march 15th at southeastern oklahoma state university, where the band was formed in 1966. mike will be playing the pink paisley. before i put this thing on e-bay let me know if you are interested : : : Try typing Fender paisley guitar into a search engine and see what comes up. You can also try http://www.musiciansfriend.com to take a look. Supposedly there were only two real "Paisleys" made by Fender. Gary Burton of the Guess Who has one and Jimi Hendrix had the other…so the story goes. : : : Good Luck in your search. : : : Guitarguy : : i have a paisley pink strat that i bought in the early eighties brand new of course which iam very proud of of course