Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – January, 2002 Re: fenders are crap!!! (and so are gibsons)


FENDERS ARE INDEED THE BEST AND GIBSONS ALSO….JIMMY PAGE, ERIC CLAPTON, JIMI HENDRIX, ETC ETC ETC, WHO THE HELL PLAYS A TOKAI ?!? OH STRATS AND LES PAULS RULE !: : : they are cheap copies of tokai guitars, and of course, are not as well built. we all know that the little yellow people make better everything than the overweight american slobs, so do yourself a favour, and buy japanese. love Bob. ps. gibson are crap also, their overweight prices reflect the overweight people who build these crap guitars. : : HAVENT BEEN PLAYING THAT LONG, HUH? THE THING IS , A FENDER IS A FENDER– A GIBSON IS A GIBSON—A PRS IS A PRS–ETC, ETC. A SEASONED PLAYER KNOWS THAT! IT TAKES A DEFFERENT KIND OF AGILITY AND DEXTERITY TO PLAY A FENDER THAN SAY A TOKAI, ( WHICH BY THE WAY IS A FENDER COPY). IN THE END, THE GUITAR THAT BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN YOUR PERSONAL PLAYING STYLE, IS THE BEST GUITAR IN THE WORLD!! AGAIN A SEASONED PLAYER KNOWS THIS, MR. NOB. FENDER—CRAP? I DON’T THINK SO!!! : no fenders suck gibson sux too too much for too little, : its impossible to find a good priced fender today, i got a japanese jaguar : for$645 a lot less than the stupid american one