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Her’s my opinion. First gfuitar or 10 th guitar-buy it used. Nice thinhs about used are:cheaper,wood usually sounds better as it ages and resale. I you buy it and play it for a while and them pick up somethging you never saw before that blows yours away for about the same price, then you’ll probably be able to sell yours pretty close to waht you paid, assuming you got a good deal. I have the opposite opinion about First guitars; I think you should always a good one. If oyu’re just starting and the cheap one is hard to play or the sound sucks it will be real easy to get discouraged and quit-many people do this. On the other hand with a better used instrument it will play and sound much better and you might not even want to get rid of it ever, if it’s quality. If yo do deceide to quit you’ll still get a fair selling price. I’ve been playing over 40 yeARS And have had or have pretty much all of them. Here’s where I’d go if I wanted to stay under $500 with a case. I agree Seagull m-6 is anazing value, it competes with guitars 3 times it’s price. I’m not fam iliar with the other seagull, M-6 I think it was. Tacoma makes great guitars. Besides 2 taylors and many old Gibsons i presently have 6 Tacomas. I’v found some amazing deals on EBAY..lokk at the DM 8 or dm 9 if you like dreadnaughts. If you’d like any more info, you can alaways contact me. Bruce [email protected] By the way, my personal favorite Taylor is the 314, one of the lower priced ones but "it ain’t a Tacoma". I’m pretty much a finger picker but I do play both styles as well. i think I have narrowed it down to the following guitars: : Tacoma DM-9 : Seagull S6 (cedar top) : Seagull M6 (spruce top) : Taylor Big Baby : What do you reccomend? Does the slightly smaller size of the taylor have much affect on the sound? Any advice at all is appreciated.