: Ani Difranco is not a top guitaist, she only got recondition cuz she was independent in making her own work and career..Thats it!!, She is alot like most of the female pop Stars now a days (branch,carlton, and that 17 year old bitch) Playing pop(guitar) and calling themselves guitarist. : The top guitar players is and always will be people like (Vai, Satriani, Hendrix, Guy, and Ray) : So know what your talkin about before you say shit!!! (Vai, Satriani, Hendrix, Guy, and Ray)~ Some of the top guiarists, agreed. However, remind yourself why for example, Hendrix is recognized as a top guitarist… Because he played for people a style in which they had never heard before. Ani DiFranco’s style is unique to her time as well. Ani DiFranco may not be what you’d consider a "top guitarist," but don’t compare her to Michelle Branch or Vanessa Carlton or any other 17-yer-old pop star.