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: That’s because Esteban is full of shit. The man wears a god forsaken sombrero for God’s sake!!! Just because the man has overcome a near fatal car crash that left him partially blind and with nerve damage in his arms unable to play for a decade is no reason to be rude. If you care to research the person you will find a man who loves music so much that he has rededicated his life to it. So if he offers a decent beginner guitar so maybe someone who doesn’t have the amount many music stores charge is "full of shit" as you say, then I feel sorry for you. As for his hat, I would rather see him any day than so many stupid rock musicians with their idotic costumes. And by the way I have an international band championship from 1985 held in Nashville Tenn and have recorded on 9 different CD’s, so my friend I do know a little about music and its not to hard to tell who is really "full of shit".