: Hi, I’m told a Gibson ES-175 which has had its single coil replaced w/ a humbucker and another 2nd humbucker installed is from 1958.Seems OK, sounds fine, but has its jack connector on the archtop, near the volume/tone controls. I’ve never seen it there, always on the bottom. Has anyone? Comments? Thanks Hi does it have serial number ? if so send it my way .Also after WW11 the goverment made volume and tone control makers put a numer on them that can be decoded if its the origanal volume pot and the numbers are readable it can be dated. This is hard for you mabe a mirror .The imput in the front I have seen, gibson did some wierd stuff the were all stoned and im not kidding thats why the numbering system is a mess .serial # and vol/tone pot # Then it can be dated.Be warned the value has taken a beating from the mods . bick tremontguitars.com