Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – September, 2003 Re: Guitar effects AND recording program??


: Hi. Never been here, hopefully SOMEONE can help me!? I’ve been using Guitar FXbox a lot and I love the effects but, I can’t record! : If I try to through a different program while using FXbox it records only the regular, clean, through the speakers guitar. : Anyone know of a way to record off of FXbox OR know of a program thats easy to use, lots of effects, and can record (besides fruity loops)?? If anyone has ANY insite it would be GREATLY appreciated! Ive been wandering around the internet looking for an awnser for 2 weeks now, im starting to get a lil bit stressed over this! : Thanks, : Timmy Hey, i think i know what your problem is! when recording try to go to your volume control then press options then properties then choose recording and select all and press ok and then you should choose the stereo mix… That’s it! after all of this… start recording using you fxbox i’d like to chat with you about it e-mail : [email protected]