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I got G-VOX for Guitar and hooked it up to my PC. Nobody said anything about it being made for Windows 95 when I was at the store thinking of buying it! I got aroung that problem with Windows O.S>’s "Program Compatability Wizard." There are files missing, the settings that you have to arrange so that your guitar can communicate with your PC won’t open at all! I tried to contact the manufacturer but they won’t list ANY phone number (HOW CONVENIENT!) This software sucks! I believe that they knew it was crap when they put it on the market! If you’ere thinking of buying ANY software that’s been put on the market through the same people who manufacture G-VOX Guitar (LYRUS), it should be written "LYURS" DON’T BUY ANYTHING THEY MAKE!!!!!! They now have a few more supposed software for guitar recording called "Encore", "Music Time Deluxe", and "Music Tracks Pro." I’d bet my life that most of these software "programmers" can’t even play a guitar! I make them from scratch! This program SUCKS!!! I don’t even care if any of their others really work or not. They’ve gotten me for $100.00 now for BULLSHIT!!!!