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: : : Hi, I used to have one of these about 40 years ago and I bought in 2nd hand then! Re quality, it was not in the ranks of Gibson but more a quality budget instrument. It was sold I believe via mail order as well ( Sears & Roebuck I think).It is documented in a book called American guitars. I saw one about 2 years ago, advertised for £250. I did phone but it was gone. I played mine in a blues band and it is capable of very Gretsch-like sounds due to those georgeous pickups. I still keep an eye open for a good one and if you ever wanted to part with it email me. Your Harmony H75 is a fantastic collectable guitar and is now worth about £600. I have one, cerca 1965, mint condition with the original case. As I’m always looking for other classy guitars/ swapping etc: I might be persuaded to swap my Harmony for another nice guitar, be it solid, semi or a jumbo. My E mail is [email protected] I live in the West Midlands about 15 miles north of B’ham. Nearest motorway junction is M6 junction 12.