Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – September, 2002 Re: Help!!!! Anybody got any cool tricks with using a VIOLIN BOW on an ELECTRIC GUITAR


: Boy Am I Hoping you don’t live in my town. Because I would kick your sarcastic little ass, ChumP!!!Thanks Steve. : : Everyone is always amazed when I lean my head back and swallow my violin bow (a-la-sword swallower), I just beat open chords w/lots-o-feedback while doing it, and for an encore I bend over… and you can guess the rest, this really gets the crowd going. I have never seen creed or blink but they sound like they have already latched on to my unique style and showmanship. : : : : : I am starting to believe that there are no interesting guitar players out there. Everyone is to busy learning new Creed and Blink 182 Riffs. Please! There has got to be someone out there.