: checkout: reranch.com Hi. I´ve painted some guitars and this is how i do it: First clean the surface but don´t use water. Then use the best paint system you can get – automotive paint (i use PPG and House of Kolor). Now it´s time to seal/prime the surface and give it a few hours to fully dry. Then spray the basecoat starting with a tack coat first. This provides an important tooth for the subsequent wet coats to adhere to. Don´t try to paint it with just one coat. It´s better to apply less paint and more coats. If you wish to do some graphics you should give the guitar a protective coat of clear. Let the guitar set for 24 hours and lightly sand it with 600 grit sandpaper. Don´t worry about the little scratches. At the end they´ll desapear. Now it´s time to put down the paint gun and go for the airbrush. The are many different ways to sketch your design. I use chalk because it wipes off easily and leaves no residue. When the graphics/design are finished it´s time for the clearcoat (use the paint gun!). You can now polish and reassemble the guitar. If you have any doubts, just let me know. Have a nice paintin´ joao