Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – October, 2003 Re: HELP ME!!!!!!!!! I can’t get the peg out of my guitar to change strings


: : : Please o please help me!!!!I can’t get the freakin peg out of my acoustic guitar to change the strings. It is jammed in. People have told me that it is fairly easy to get the peg out but I’m finding it impossible!!!!!!!!Help me please. : : I have found that if I start a tiny wood screw directly in the center of the peg where it’s broken off, then I can tighten it down far enough so it’s solid in the peg. Then I just VERY carefully get under the head of the screw with some needle-nose pliers, and pull the peg straight up out of the hole. I always use some cardboard or thick paper on the bridge to protect it from scratches. Hope that helps. : Uh, sorry…I thought you broke the head off. If it’s not broken, it’s really easy to get off. You just have to be careful. Use some pliers, cutters, or channel locks. The key is NOT twisting, and pulling straight up. Sometimes you can use the bridge (with protection) for leveradge to get it started. Just do it a little bit at a time. If the head is still in you can also simple take a small (#1) flathead screw driver and CAREFULLY place the tip under the head while resting part of the shaft on an adjacent peghead as a fulcrum to lever it out. I have a 12 string that I’ve had for 8 years that constantly gets the pegs stuck and have used this simple technique to remove stuck pegs more times than I care to think about and haven’t scratched it once. It may sort of crush the plastic lip of the peg itself; but they are still usable, and if you were to break one very cheap to replace.