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: what is the second hand value of one of these twat axes. i got hold of one for 60 quid but i am inclined to sell it. it is in mint and plays ok but i prefer my gibby. : please reply…anyone. : thanx :I’ve got one of these ‘twat’ axes too (why is it a ‘twat axe?) Mine is cherry red and immaculate – in fact literally unplayed since new…except that it has a typical problem with the steinberger bridge that I don’t know how to fix…but it’s an engineering rather than woodwork prob so it shouldn’t be too hard. Value? Mine cost £220 about ten years ago…I would hope it hadn’t lost too much value, but I think the this bridge prob does take the shine off their true value. Don’t suppose you know how I can fix the damn bridge..? Yours aye, Michael.