Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – August, 2002 Re: how much to pay for 2yr old Ovation celebrity ?


I would just pretend the guitar "disappeared" and keep it, but since it seems like you already let him know you have it I would base the price on how far away he moved, the further away, the less chance of him coming around to kick your butt for ripping him off, hence the less I would pay, I would start at $100 (a fair price for any used ovation) and deduct $1 for every mile in distance he is from you, and if the amount is negative then this is what he owes you. : A friend of mine bought an Ovation CC026 : celebrity acoustic guitar for $270 around 2 years : back. He moved out and left his guitar for me:)) : I told him I would like to pay him for this guitar : instead of taking it for free. Now he says I : can decide on the price and pay him whatever : i think is okay.. How much do you think this : guitar is worth now ? : pls help me decide on the price. Thanks