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Nah- I’d say learn acoustic…Once you can really play that, electric will come much much easier! : …….. : : It all just depends. I started on an electric, and in my opinion if you learn on an electric you kind of screw yourself over for an acoustic. I got so used to the action on an electric, i.e. bends, slides and whatnot, that playing an acoustic isn’t even fun for me since the action is so much worse. However, I’m also a straight-up picking lead player, so I don’t do much rhythm strumming. It just depends on whether or not you want to learn to play lead guitar or not, if you just want to learn the basics then I’d go for an acoustic. I still enjoy picking up an acoustic to play Wish you Were Here or Stairway, but when I really want to wail I need my electric. So, like georgi says, it just depends on what kind of music you want to learn. There’s always plenty of time to change later, I’ve been playing for almost a decade and I still know about 1/100 of everything there is to know. Just have fun and enjoy it, whatever you decide to go with. Being Steve Vai and wailing out the scales is easy, it’s being Clapton or Gilmour that’s tough, because you have to feel your playing so much so that it becomes a part of you rather than just your fingers picking notes really fast. Just have fun. : : : : : Hello, : : : My name is Merrick.I’ve always wanted to play the electric guitar(strat),but my dad says i should get an eqaustic guitar before i get and electric one. : : : My question is,is it possible to start on an electric guitar? : : : thanks for your time and help. : : : your sincerly : : : Merrick