Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – June, 2004 Re: I too have a question for Lee…or anyone else who may know


i have to say in all honesty, the Gibsons are better, i always look at buying guitars as an investment, but you need to follow some basic rules, always get the most wanted model, in your case, a LP standard, that is the most popular model, always get a standard ‘standard’ model, in other words if they bring out an electric blue one off model with active pickups and you fall in love with it, i would avoid it, in 2 years time it will look naff and no-one will want it, always go for a colour that everybody wants, the old sunburst colours are always good sellers, and buy it 2nd hand, then you pay less and in 2 years if you decide to sell you will always get your money back plus more. keep it in original condition, if you do decide to change the pickups, keep the old ones to put back on when you sell it. so invest your $1000 dollars in a good 2nd hand gibson les paul, there is nothing like it, the epis dont match up, neither do the tokais or any other copy, the gibsons always cut through, if there is nothing that can touch these guitars, so get the money together and go buy one and stop talking about it.