: : Which is better the ZR trem or the Edge Pro? : I havent had a chance to use the new ZR trem yet but I know that a lot of pros swear by the old style edge trems Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Head & munky from KoRn. check out http://www.jemsite.com for tons of info about everything Ibanez.. I forgot to mention that I have an original edge (not lo-pro) trem on a RG570 and I absolutely love it. The thing will not go out of tune. one time I removed the springs and took the bridge completely loose from the studs so I could clean the guitar. I put it all back together and it was still in tune! I really dont think you can go wrong. just steer clear of the Korean made trems such as the TRS-II those thing are absolute crap. Its really worth the extra money to get a "made in Japan" Ibanez.