: : I own an Ibanez GX 60 since 1984. When I bought it, it was for rehersals, because my main amps are Marshall JCM 800 and Orange Overdrive 120 which are not very transportable… But the GX 60 became quickly my amp for some concerts and much more. It’s a "loyal" amp which never fall down and delivers a sound warmer than many solid state amps. I use it with a Jackson strat 3 single coils, a rat distortion, Ernie Ball volume, and Boss digital delay and with an acoustic jazz manouche guitar with magnetic pick up…Just the last week, the jack of the high input seems to have some problem but until that none problem. When I TAKE THE marshall OR the Orange, I TAKE ALWAYS my little IBANEZ, it makes me confident ..If you have any question I’ll try to answer but I’m not a technician and my english language is limited…Michel…