: : Is there a way to tell if an instrument is decorated with solid inlay or stick on inlay ? : Hi Edie : If it was in front of me I could tell having inlayed the stuff. There are stickers out there used bigtime under the finish mostly on headstocks.The guitars I make that get a poly finish I use a gold color sticker so does Gibson and a lot Of big name makers if I tung-oil I use real mother of pearl just put a T in those not the full name .I don`t have a problem with makers using the stickers on there headstock name but any on the finger board I do. The stickers on the figerboard if stick you should be able to catch the corner with a finger nail.Then look at some real mother of pearl inlay work and compare.if its all the same color it might be mother of pearl sheets this is small chunks of peal grond and lamanated this stuff is being used more and more cause of price I consider it pearl put don`t use it all on one job I like to mix and match. Thats all the help I can give without having it in front of me. : Good luck : God Bless : bick tremontguitars.com I was wondering if you can tell me where to get theses stick on inlays, apparently you can get them in Abolone also? I wouldn’t mind having a play around with them regards Steve