Was ‘self taught’ through school, and picked up alot playing constantly in bands… and at the time thought I was pretty good (but wasn’t, just a good hack), In early 20’s wanted to get to that ‘next level’ and and became more interested in other types of music (was into hardcore/metal back then) and nothing can beat a good teacher, theory and discipline defintely got me to the level I wanted and it has made it so much easier down the road… but on the flip side I know great players who are ‘self taught’, but I find that a loose term, as most good ‘self taught’ musicians have played (learned) from other musicians, which is like having a teacher, basically I think everyone learns from everyone they play with (and vice versa), even if it’s that you don’t like what/how they play :). : Ok, I know that there are tons of great guitarists out : there (some of them on this site, right? hehhehe…), : but what taught you better, an actual teacher or did you : teach yourselves? Internet vs. Teacher……?