yep checked, thats the url. http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Nuts,_saddles.html goes right to the nuts and bridges. they apparently have an article how to make a nut in their new edition of ther catalog too. so there you have it. (their catalog is a freebee, and a handy one to have if youre into gtr or bass. they have all sorts of tips for repairs and things.) –dan : umm replacing a nut.. i’ve done it myself on guitars. : the http://www.stewmac.com webiste has some tips on that i think, in their freebee info section. if thats not the right link, it supposed to go to Stewart MacDonald guitar builders parts. : to replace the nut, you simply use a little common sense.. you buy a new nut. they come with grooves in or not. theyre usually plastic, thats ok. grooves in already makes it easier, if not its not a major problem. just get a tiny file and etch a little bit of a groove there for the string to touch on, just deep enough so the string doesnt slide off, you dont want it too deep. to get an idea what it should look like, just sort of look at the old one, and match it. : you could also check out the Fender Squire basses, they arent too bad. really, for 150 you could get a semi decent bass almost anywhere, especially if its used. : if you happen to like this particular bass tho, then you could get it, its up to you, of course. : –dan : : only problem is my current is a real pos. Very used and just bought to learn. Now i can play ok but everything online is really expensive…if i could do this i could have the whole set… : : and how do i go about replacing a nut..?