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: : I’ve got an Epiphone acoustic purchased 2nd hand in about 1980 or ’81. It’s a sunburst top and it has a jumbo body. It says "Sheraton" on the label stuck to the inside back. Anyone know anyhting about this model? : I have a similar Guitar, can’t find any info at Epiphone. Jap made, bought it new in 1974 My model number is FT-576BL on the sticker and it too says "Sheraton". Blonde finish. Great sounding guitar plays OK. Looks like a Gibson J 20 series. IF anyone has info, I would appreciate it. : I have a guitar I bought last year. I don’t know how old it is. It says sheraton and it’s a sunburst also. It’s model # FT 570 SB. I can’t find anything on the internet.