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I found a link for you (it’s part one of an article about Teisco, who made the guitars distributed as Kent…part two should be linked off this): I just bought a Kent "Videocaster" Model 533 from a guy in Canada who had it set up very nicely. 4-pickups and a lot of slider switches (a lot like a Hagstrom, who coincidentally made a very popular model called a "Kent"). Powerful pickups (really!)and a really nice guitar. When I was a kid in the 60s, all of the Japanese brands (probably ALL made by Teisco) had a really bad rap and only kids ended up with them. Some were very cheaply made, with weak metal, thin chrome plating, funky finishes and thin pickups. I owned a Rodeo, which was terrible. But then, who knew much about guitars then? Nowdays, anything has character.