: Hey, I’m looking at a Kona electric guitar I saw in a pawn shop. I don’t know much about electrics, but I do own and play an acoustic. The model of the guitar was either KES2T or the KES1T. I’m not sure which. They were selling it for about 150 brand new. Still had tags and everything. Just looking at it I thought it looked like a nice guitar. I was told though, that you should avoid any brand of guitar that’s not a major brand like Martin, Peavey, or Yamaha. If anyone else owns one of these guitars, I’d appreciate the feedback. Kona is a fairly entry level guitar, but not bad for the cash, i bought a Kona bass just to "Have" a bass, but it is very similar in sound to a $300 Ibanez. plays well, straight neck, stays in tune… not bad for 150.