Every now and then… amidst a dirth of e-mails requesting tab for the newest Blink-51 and Sum-182 songs… someone mentions music which I love. It restores my faith in the human species. It’s good to find out that not everyone is falling prey to the "bedroom-eyed" charms of that hot little blonde girl. : Hi, : I have a copy, unfortunately, I don’t want to give it up. You might want to check with the folks who released the CD. My copy was released in 1994 by BMG Music, Manufactured by RCA Special Products, a label of BMG Direct. Also check One Way Records, 1 Prospect Avenue, Albany, NY 12206-0429. I’ll keep my eyes open for any copies. : Don : : Hi : : I’m looking for a copy of The velvet touch of Lenny Breau on CD. Does anyone know where I can find one? : : Many thanks, : : Ian