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I just finished a late 50s three tone burst strat relic job. For the body a used keys and an all to make dings and scratches, than I used canned air to create the check marks in the nitro finish. Than for arm, pick, and belt buckle wear marks, I started them with a flat head screw driver, and completed by using some fine grit sand paper to lightly rough up the surounding area, and just lightly sand the rest of the body. To create a dirty darkened look to the wear marks use a light brown colored stain, 2 coats works well. In aging the neck of the guitar I used the same key and all approch to create dings and scratches. To make a neck look like a real blues axe light up a camel and make a burn mark on the upper cut of the head stock by the nut. lightly sand the whole neck with medium grit sand paper, and than start creating heavy wear marks on fret board and back of neck by sanding all the finish away. After these steps are complete, stain the wear marks and clean neck with warm soapy water. As far as hardware goes, I would just lightly steel wool all gold or nickle hard ware, and then spray it with the canned are to achieve that oxoized, pitted look.