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: : Pleeze help me. My unlce has a very nice guitar. It says it was made in Japan by Mann Guitars. No, not Manne Guitars in Italy. On every guitar database I searched, I could not find it. Do they exist? Or did they? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEZE help me! : : Thanx : Yes they do!! I have a short scale Mann Bass : I just bought a mann electric, a ’72 Fender Telecaster copy. I am in the process of removing the 100 or so stickers that are on it. It’s black with a black pick gaurd and a maple fretboard/neck. Got it for $25 at an antique/collectables shop in Powell River B.C. Canada. With the stickers and broken strings, it was the ugliest guitar in the place! Clean up is going well, going to go inside and check out all wiring, pots, and the 3-way switch. Should be a real looker and player when I’m done. Later