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Here is a link to the cabinet I own. It’s the standard Marshall 1960 lead. I believe it is rated at 16ohms. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks! : I kind of know what you are talking about, there are at least 2 TSL-100 factory mods one which would defintely help your problem, so should start from there to see if you have them… I’am not familiar with the cab you have but if you want to give me more info I will try to give a recommendation back. : : Hello: : : I own a TSL 100 with the 1960A lead cabinet. Does anyone who owns this amp know what impedance I should be using and whether I should be using the Stereo/Mono switch. Also, which Speaker Jack to I run the speaker cable into. I have been using the 16Ohm jack in Mono. Last time my band played I had the clean volume up to 5 and it was not loud at all. Is this a sign to change my tubes? Thanks! : : Jeremy