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I was just GIVEN a Maya Flying-V (White). I have never heard of these guitars and have enjoyed trying too find out info on the Maya brand. Like I said I have just been given this guitar, I’m still at work and can’t wait to try it out tonight at band practice. Anyone know how much something like this may be worth? It’s mint, original strings, case, and receipt from Khobar, Saudi Arabia where the his father-in-law paid 60 SR or US (don’t know). He only plugged it in once! Any info would be appreciated Thanks Giorgio : : Hi. : : Does anyone have any information on Maya Guitars. What I know so far is they were/are a Japanese maker and were apparently based in Kobe from the early 70’s until the earthquake in the 90’s. They made high-quality knock-offs of major brand instruments in the lates 70’s and 80’s at least as good as the Ibanez Lawsuit models of the same era. Not quite up to Gibson yet, but learning fast. : : I have a really nice copy of a late 70’s early 80’s Gibson ES 175. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Email me if you want to see pictures. : yep Id love to see pictures and I believe maya was made by ibanez not sure whether before or after lawsuit