We were sent an MD Guitar at SpectralMusic.com to review. It has 12 resonance strings tuned to the Equal Tempered 12-note scale so they are set into vibration by notes played at the frets. (With regard to tuning, you should have been provided with a device similar to a piano-tuning spanner. Since these strings are tuned to the 12-note octave as they occur on any electric keyboard, it should be simple to tune E-F-F#-G-G#-A-A#-B-C-C#-D-D#-E.) The instrument also has a ‘saddle’ with slots for each string so that the strings vibrate against them producing a Sitar-like sound, which, without the Sitars range of timbres and nuance, becomes a little tiresome. It’s a shame it wasn’t designed with a little more scope -perhaps made so the saddle can be removed and a scalloped fretboard would have been preferable. Good Luck